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Altrient B - New name for Altrient ME Lypo Spheric AGE Blocker

Altrient B - New name for Altrient ME Lypo Spheric AGE Blocker

Liposomal Vitamins is proud to announce Altrient B - The new, AGE Blocking Formula with a new, all natural flavor!

Seeking natural energy production and maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels, customers have requested a Lypo-Spheric B Complex for years. What many did not realize is that Altrient ME is a complete B Complex, just under a different name. We decided to clarify this misconception by updating the name to Altrient B to more accurately describe the product.

Does Altrient B offer AGE Blocking benefits?

Absolutely. The AGE blocking benefits have not been altered by the name change to Altrient B or formulation improvements.

Read more or buy Altrient B here

Altrient Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C by Livon Labs

Altrient Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C by Livon Labs

Liposomal vitamin c gel. Altrient C is a highly bio-available oral Vitamin C

High potency Vitamin C where you need it most: to your cells

There is no better way to orally supplement vitamin C.

Read more about Altrient C here or buy now

Altrient Lypo-Spheric Glutathione, GSH by Livon Labs

Altrient Lypo-Spheric Glutathione, GSH by Livon Labs

Use Altrient GSH, Glutathione to boost your GSH levels

Every cell in the body needs GSH.

Glutathione is vital to protect our body from harmful free radicals & diseases.

Buy Altrient GSH now or read more

Altrient Lypo-Spheric R Alpha Lipoic acid by Livon Labs (R-ALA)

Altrient Lypo-Spheric R Alpha Lipoic acid by Livon Labs (R-ALA)

This supplement fits the criteria for a liposomal product as otherwise its bioavailability is limited. Of course utilising LivOn Labs´ Lypo-Speric formulation up to 98% absorption is achieved.

You can read more about the benefits of Altrient R Alpha lipoic acid by clicking below

Buy Altrient R-ALA by livon labs here



"Smart" Liposomal Nano-SpheresTM: The perfect Vitamin C protection and delivery system

These Vitamin C filled liposomes, because of their size and composition, provide the perfect transport system. They...

•disperse in water or beverage

•quickly navigate through the digestive system

•require no digestive activity prior to assimilation

•rapidly absorb in the small intestine and are transported intact throughout the bloodstream to the cells that need it

•release the powerful, non-degraded Vitamin C for use throughout the body as the liposomal material is metabolized by the cells requiring repair

•all this without binders, fillers, gelatins, capsule materials, dyes, sweeteners, or flavorings common with tablet and capsule supplements

On the other hand, the traditional form of Vitamin C- tablet or capsule - is subject to a host of factors that can oxidize it, neutralize it, adulterate it, and even expel it before it ever gets to the cells that need it.

The Benefits of Glutathione - Altrient GSH.

Glutathione is produced naturally in the liver. It is made up of three amino acids, and it is vital for cellular metabolism. It protects against oxidative stress caused by free radicals, is required for the immune system to function properly, and is a potent detoxifier.

GSH is important due to the way that it works together with the other nutrients and systems in your body. No matter how healthy your diet might be or what supplements you take, you could be compromising all of your healthy efforts by not taking GSH. In fact, nutrition experts believe that it is just as necessary for our health as oxygen, food and water.

When you take Altrient liposomal GSH, the glutathione has been coated with a membrane that ensures that it doesn’t get broken down in the body until it reaches the cells where it is needed.

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